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Chief executive officer

A chief executive officer of a medium-sized company wakes up in a sunshine somewhere north in the wilderness in his cottage. When speaking of a cottage he really means almost a manor sized leisure house in the middle of a mountain. He gets up and dresses in his silky house gown. A butler of the cottage has gotten up a moment earlier to make some coffee and a delicious breakfast for his master. A gray-haired chief executive officer slogs through a large living room to a big terrace sighing slippers in his feet. The butler goes after him to ask how he is today. "Your breakfast is server, sir. May I bring it here, sir?" the butler asks. The master nods and after a short while the butler comes back with a silver tray. "The nature in the north is so wonderful. And now, in this time of year it's in its best. Or what do you think, James?" the master tries to start a conversation smiling. His sense of humor is lame and monotonous. The butler does not laugh. He keeps hearing the same joke about James in every morning. His name is not James. His name is Casper. It's not even close to James. But still he tries to smile even a little bit because he wants to please his master. This way the chief executive officer gets a wrong signal and he thinks his employee appreciates a master with a good sense of humor. The butler leaves the terrace to do his other tasks and away from a zone of a bad humor. Peace and silence returns to the terrace.

A quarter has been passed again. The company has been successful for the whole quarter. But the roof of the cottage needs some cleansing and taking care of. And that's not cheap. Justifying like that he decides to whip more out of his employees. He presses a button on a box on the table next to his recliner. The device has been programmed to send an email template where will be updated all the dates automatically and order of few sentences will be changed. The title of the email is always the same. It tells that the co-operative negotiations has been started conserning all the employees of the company. It causes a small panic in among of the employees. Some of the managers in the middle layer start a lottery who's going to be fired. They also start to make a draft of an email to be sent to the winners grinning like a wolf while sharpening its knife in the cartoons.

The chief executive officer pours some coffee in his cup and drops a piece of sugar too. Then he graps a knife and spreads some marmalade on his toast. He looks into the horizon and a wide smile rises on his lips. Everything is fine again.


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