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What's behind this door? Nothing, only more doors leading to nowhere. How about this one here? Nothing there either. Behind that big door there must be something. Nope, nothing. Only more empty doors. How about this heavy looking hatch on a floor? An empty cellar and musty air. Complete dead end. Isn't there anything anywhere? Nope, the world is empty. Every lively being is gone. All life-sustaining is gone. Only an empty lonelyness is left. And it's behind every door. Everywhere the same. Okay, now I brace up mylsef. The world is full of doors. There must be something somewhere. There has to be the door I'm looking for somewhere. How about this one here? Nope, there's the place where I started. I'm sure there has been something behind these doors at some point. I remember that like yesterday. I've been in this place once before. Even the doors looks familiar to me there's still nothing that there once has been. Even the doors I came here are now gone forever. "Hello! Is there anyone here? Or somewhere?" Nope, all is gone. Nothing is like it used to be.

Somewhere far far away has to be the door where I would like to go. In such place there wouldn't be more emptiness, deserted nor loneliness. There would be the opposite. What if I'm not looking for a door but a window instead? No, that can not be true. You can see through a window but you can't go through it. Going through a window something might get broken. And that won't mean good for anyone. There will be only shards and fragments. Why do I see happiness and joy in some of those windows? Why the door leading those rooms is locked? Where's my door? Why can't I recognize my own door?


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