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Evil among you

There's the evil himself in among you. If you look around you, you won't see it. You have to follow its traces. There are traces everywhere. Like a religion or a virus it tries to spread everywhere around the world. It's not in plants neither in animals. Not in the air, water nor ground. It can not be found by reading books or repeating spells. Could seem like it doesn't even exist. But that's not true. Only the traces gives a clue where it is hiding. Traces of a war. Traces of a violence. Traces of greed. Traces of envy. Traces of pursuit of power. Where are these traces coming from? From machines?

No, the evil is in a human nature. Look at a mirror! Take a good look without blaming others! There's the evil under your outer shell. Only two things can get it out of there. If you have any good thoughts in you, using them in a correct way you can change things in better way. This is not an easy task. Another way is much more surely, it's strongest of them all. It's Mr. Grim Reaper. This ancient way is just too slow. The accident has been happened a long ago.


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