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For once

A pop orchesta played in rural idyll next to a lake in old fashioned dance hall. A clock was almost nine and the sun was setting behind the horizon. A young man wearing only black clothes had arrived there with a friend before the start of the dance. The music wasn't exactly the kind he usually listened. But his friend was a keyboardist in the band and he was helping his friend without any reward. They got him only a free meal.

After a few beers he thought to have a break and to go to a walk on the beach. And perhaps to have some rest for his exhausted nerves. He walked through the dance floor with confidence. He turned his head to his right side only for a short moment. And he saw a young woman with black hair and wearing only black clothes. Their gaze met but only for a second. "Wow, she's a pretty young lady" he though. But he walked aiming to the beach without an expression. He looked at the lake and admired picturesque lake landscape and the sunset. There was benches in line at the beach and he sat down for a moment. The young woman had got up to follow him. Fortunately for her, he was alone at the beach. The young lady walked behind the man and started: "Hi". He frightened and turned his head to see the greeter. He was surpriced. After a short moment he got mumbled something out his mouth: "Am... hi!". "May I sit here for a while" she said and before he said anything she was sitting next to him. He was so surpriced the attention he got that he couldn't say anything. Nor think. Only thing he could think of was how on earth she could be so interested of him. She, who's so pretty and good looking. Something exciting tickled in his stomach. "Where are you from?" she asked. "Am... I'm from Central Finland. From Jyväskylä to be exact. What about you?" he answered still amazed. "I'm too from Central Finland, not from Jyväskylä but from rural municipality of Jyväskylä. My dad has a farm there" was the cheerful answer. "How come you are here? I mean... you are wearing black..." he wondered. "I came here with my friend just with no reason. The sunset is beautiful also... But the same question for you. You are also wearing black..." she said. "I have a friend who's playing in the band and I'm kind of helping them carrying their instruments" he explained. And neither one of them couldn't admit to listen music like played in the dance hall. "Cool!" she said. There was a silent moment and he didn't know what to do or say to break the silence. But he surpriced when she sat closer to him and put her hand on his shoulder. Something turned around in his stomach. At least it felt like that. It was a divine feeling. He had kept dreaming of something like this from his teenage times. Now, it seemed to become true and he couldn't say anything reasonable. Only something tickled at the bottom of his stomach and his heart kept throbbing while he admired her. Shyly but self confidently he pushed his arm behind her neck and grabbed her in his armpit. He sighed silently and he almost had tears in his eyes and he thought himself: "Can this be even real? Am I really here? Here and now? Is this happening? Really? ... Wow!". There they were for a good while hugging and admiring the sunset. After a while she raised her head and looked directly in his eyes without saying anything. After a short while they kissed each other. And they both had butterflies in their stomach. At the background the pop orchesta played romantic music. His friend from the band happened to look at the beach behind the keyboard and saw the young couple. A smile rose to his face. It didn't bother him or his play. "It's good for him" he thought himself.

The young couple sat at the beach for a good while until the band started a short break. "I should probably go..." she started. He started to panic and he thought that he should ask a phone number at least. Or something similar contact information. But before he said anything she asked: "Would you like to have my phone number or something?". They exchanged their numbers and she got into her friend's car. He sighed and sat down thinking: "How's this possible? Not that I would complain but...". He was interrupted by the friend from the band: "Where did the girl go?". The keyboardist had come to outside for a smoke. "She had to go" he answered. "Will you see again?" the keyboardist became curious. "I don't know. Who knows. Maybe" he answered a bit uncertain himself. He started to walk towards the dance hall in really happy mood and butterflies in his stomach. And he thought himself: "For once!"


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