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Jewelery robbery

Two fellows met in a bar
They promised to fulfill with money each other's jar.

Life feels like eternal uphill
Without money for any bill.

They were both without a job
So a jewelery they are plannig to rob.

In windows and doors there's an alarm device
But they can see a hole in a system with their eyes.

If you go through the wall
The system won't notice at all.

First the cafeteria you go have to
Then you turn right to

Through the wall using a brute force
Then all the diamonds to the bag, of course.

Finally, quickly run away
and you can call it a day.

The strategy is set
But not executed yet.

The door of the coffee shop
was very easy to chop.

Next they turned to the right
The wall was now in their sight.

All the tools they put against the wall
Down on the floor they let it to fall.

The noise was cruel, loud and keen
The big money was all they could see

Finally, there was a peace and silence
But where were all the diamonds like tends?

No diamonds, no rings made of gold
Instead, a huge pile of underwear unlike their plan told.

Fuck, fuck and shit!
It was a wrong wall they had hit

Right you should have turn to
if you came from frontdoor inside to.

But they came in from backdoor
So on their right was the wrong wall.

Now they have to fade away
because soon it will be a new day.

They have to admit
Sometimes even criminals submit.


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