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Long lunch in the woods

The forest was quiet and peaceful. A lonely raven flew in a birch grove avoiding the trees. The sun glanced between treetops even it wasn't a midday yet. It was a warm day and the ground was still a bit wet because of the rain last night. Small birds were chirping somewhere farther. Their voices could be heard but they couldn't be seen. It would have taken a longer stop by.

The raven screamed and prepared for landing on a branch laying on the ground. It spread its wings and stretched out its legs. The legs touched the branch and they squeezed around it like they had done so many times before. The raven surely could fly and land. Those actions were in its blood and genes.

From somewhere far one could hear a sound of a bear. It grunted and snorted. It was undoubtfully a male according to its size. It was huge even for a male bear. Maybe it was pretty old since it had some hairless spots in its fur.

The raven was still standing on the branch. The branch was next to an anthill. Unconsciously it flitted on its wings to avoid the bear.

It was going to land to somewhere to a safe distance from the bear. Suddenly, it noticed or actually sensed intuitively something in between the trees.

In a soft morass was some traces or a small path like made by a human. In a short distance was a blue discolor sun hat on a small branch making the branch to bend down to the ground.

The raven didn't land. It continued its fly like following the traces. It was hoping to find something to eat. Also it didn't want to stay near the bear. Although, the bear was at the anthill playing intensively and gormandizing.

After a short while the raven rose still higher surprisingly. It had sensed a human somewhere on the ground. Somewhere near the path. It flew on a branch of an old birch. On a place which was surely safe for it.

After watching the situation for a while it ventured closer to the human. Almost a few meters away.

The human was an old man. He had dark blue gumboots in his legs, worn out jeans and a light brown fabric vest. There was a hamper next to the man on the ground full of delicious sandwitches enough for a long trip.

The man's right arm seemed like seeking something from a left pocket of the vest. Its button was open and some small brown half transparent plastic bottle with a white cap peeked out from the pocket.

His mouth was open like he was screaming for help or like trying to draw breath with a swollen throat. His eyes stared at the sky without making any move. In fact, the man didn't move at all.

The raven encouraged itself to hop closer the man. Some flies flitted away somewhere from the man's clothes. There were actually lots of them on the man's skin. The smell may have tempted them to there.

The raven got quickly some company of few other ravens. But they all flitted away as fast as they came there. Each in a different direction. The bear had smelled the scent of a delicious main menu and gave up with the appetizer. It would get a delicious desert from the hamper.


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