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You, my friend

When you were born I was born three weeks earlier myself. We get to know each other since we were born and as years went by we became best friends. We played together years without a stress or sorrow like everyone in their childhood.

I was strongly bond to you. I protected you from everything faithfully. Once I made even a burglar go away from the back door just by making noises.

It was a year 1970. The schools had let children to go to their summer vacations already two weeks ago. We spent time usually at a beach or in a park hanging around or running.

I remember well the sunny day when we were frolicking in the park as usual. In the midst of joy we both didn't noticed the approaching car. And it hit me without even trying to brake. Weirdly enough, the driver didn't stop to see what happened. Eventhough, he surely saw the situation.

There I was lying on the ground hardly breathing. You didn't know what to do and you just hugged me and cried. I was already dead when the help came there in the noon. You were still crouching against me on your knees.

You didn't forget that bitter but beautiful day ever. It changed you permanently. You became embittered. My sudden death was too much for you.

The autumn came and you had to go back to school. You didn't get any friends. You were constantly in the bad mood. It remained the same many years.

It was a last day of school before a summer vacation in 1975. You were walking home on the highway kicking some rocks on the ground. A small bird sat on your shoulder. First, you flinched but then you stopped. How come a bird be so tame you wondered. You grinned to the stupidity of the bird. And you swiped the bird away from you shoulder. The bird hit directly to a truck bow.

That didn't bother you at all and you carried on walking on the highway like nothing happened.

Years went by and it became the fatal night. You had gotten your driving license and purchased your first car with the money you earned from your very first summer job.

The Saturday night was calm when you were driving home. First, you heard some weak buzzing sound somewhere inside the car. A moment later it started to become louder. It was a fly which first landed on a rearview mirror. You swinged it away and the mirror went out of skew. The car swinged few times from side to side on the road and the buzzing sound stopped.

After less than a mile the buzzing sound came back louder than before next to your ear. In a panic you swinged your right hand to next to your ear and turned your head. You didn't pay attention to your left hand and it turned the steering wheel too much to left.

The car rushed first against a cliff. Then bouncing back on the other side of the road through the guardrail and finally diving down to the ocean.

Why, oh why did you, my dear friend, become so embittered? It wasn't your fault that I didn't get the stick then once. I missed you. I missed you so much that I came back to you as a little bird. The same little bird you flinged to the truck bow. I didn't give up. I came back again this time as a fly. I'm so sorry about everything.

Now, I'm with you forever. I loosen the ground next to you and I slither under the bones of your hand.

Today I can feel it. It will be a good day. It's raining above the ground. I have to go to the ground for a moment. But I'll be back soon. You should know that.

But what's that dark shadow coming closer from above? Quick snap and I'm in a tight grip of a beak of a magpie. But wait! Those eyes. There's something familiaaaaaar....


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