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I started to observe her on daily basis ever since I first saw her like in a dream. I never forgot that dream.

She was a beautiful gothic girl and she liked to wear black clothes. Her hair was also black and long. Maybe a little too much powder on her face. It made her look a bit pale. Specially, black lipstick and eye surroundings made it more visible. But there was something special in her.

I didn't get a clear picture of her while observing because she didn't see other people much and therefore she didn't talk much. She couldn't possible know she could have a similar company from me.

What I did know was that she liked to wander alone in dark cemeteries. She must have been pretty dark minded. That suited me as well.

One dark night she opened slightly a black heavy gate of a cemetery with hinges squeaking. She looked around her like a bit scared. I came after her and jumped easily over the gate.

She wandered slowly through the cemetery in her black long gothic skirt ending up in front of a mausoleum. This time I approached her closer than usual almost like flying slowly. I secretly hoped she would have noticed me.

However, I ended up for a some distance from her. She couldn't possible see me at all in the dark even I hoped otherwise.

She seemed like bending down and trying to find something with her hand from her clothes. Then I heard a clang sound. And soon many more clangs. She raised her hand and I saw a big dark key in her hand.

I surpriced. But my curiosity made me sharpen my senses.

She started to walk heading to a gate of the mausoleum slowly but surely like she was going her home. She opened the gate and when she turned around to close it I jumped behind a big tombstone to hide myself. She stopped and looked at my direction like she had heard or sensed something.

But she continued her travelling still heading to massive wooden doors of the mausoleum. The key turned in an ancient lock like it hasn't been used for a long time.

While the door opened squeaking her wide cuffs fluttered and hems of her skirt flapped. The air flowed wildly in the open doorway like a prison on a releasing day. She stepped in self-confidently like she had done it many times before.

She left the door halfway open. So I sneaked quickly pass the gate to observe the situation more closely. I slowly peeked in. I didn't see anything in the dark mausoleum but I heard something. Something like a stone had been dragged on another stone.

I tried to open the door a bit more so I could sneak in. For some reason the door opened surprisingly easy considering its size. And its movement didn't stop when I let it go.

I didn't hear the dragging sound anymore. So I went further as silently as I could in the mausoleum.

I thought I saw a half closed double sarcophagus. I looked around me and I didn't see her anywhere. So I peeked in the sarcophagus. The open side of the sarcophagus was empty. But I couldn't see in the other side of it in the dark mausoleum.

Suddenly, I felt myself a really tired. So I decided to have a nap in the sarcophagus.

After I fell asleep the dragging sound started again. But more silent than before. So silent that I couldn't wake to that.

Without me knowing from the other side of the sarcophagus she smiled at me, turned at me and kissed my cheek. Then she curled up in my arms and fell asleep.

In the dark mausoleum I didn't notice the names immortalized to the stony lid. The other one was mine.


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