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Used to be so handsome with smile on his face. Telling jokes he liked as well as laughing. Charming all the women he did. They entice him every now and then here and there. He didn't like them seriously, though. But some day found a genuine person. It made his heart bouncing in his chest. But the romance didn't last. The woman cheated on him.

Now he's still handsome. But the smile is gone. No jokes heard. It's not worth mentioning about the laugh. You can deduce that. Women still try to entice him like they used to do. But he doesn't get excited nor smile. Seems like he's given up and accepted the dark future of his.

He has to be alone, the heart of gold, mind most honest, thoughts most genuine. He's too afraid of letting anyone to get closer to him. He's too afraid of getting cheated on again.

He wrote the pain on a paper. The paper he threw in the fire. It's the symbol of a death of the pain. He thought. But he didn't know it won't work like that. No one can take a shortcut in a freeway of feelings. They have to go though properly. Face the truth and finally they have to be accepted.


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