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Shooting star

I look at the stars. They amaze me with their beauty. I take a chair and sit on it. I spent a moment staring a wonderful space. It makes me sink in my thoughts. Breathing air becomes water vapor and I try to breath to somewhere else so that it won't disturb me. It would be really great to see a shooting star. I've heard that when you see one you can make a wish. Nobody has told if the wish becomes true, though.

Suddenly, I wake. Somewhere there far away is a shooting star going forward. Now I need to be fast! What should I wish? First thought is a huge pile of money. Maybe a million? Maybe two. No, let's make it ten million just making sure. So that nothing can surprice me. No inflation, nor any bigger change in a stock market. With that sum of money I could do what ever I want without any restrictions what money usually creates. Maybe I could even donate some share of that to charity. Or maybe not, since I've heard so many stories about charity scams. The money just disappears somewhere and it never goes where it was supposed to.

Maybe I could make some donations personally myself directly to whoever really needs it. This way I could make sure there won't be any extra hands in between. This way I could also observe the situation and perhaps make another donation if I see it is really needed. It would most probably cause a line of money beggars behind my front door.

Of course, I could purchase something nice only for myself. Maybe I would buy few cars on my front yard or even few front yards with the houses. Or maybe I could make sure I will never run out of money. I could live on money coming only from rate of interests. At least, it would stop the eternal stress of economy and the fear of getting fired. I could live more freely. Later I could donate money for who really needs it. But all the criminals and all the mean scammers should stay far away.

Then a fear comes into my mind. As a millioner I could get what ever a human mind can imagine. But. Would money change me? Would I forget what's real life? A huge amount of money could blur my mind and dim my sense of reality. I could become greedy and try to get more money only for myself. I can imagine me pretending being happy with a fake smile on my face on a back yard of a huge manor house. That wouldn't be happiness if I'm alone surrounded by the hyperfine gadgets. There I am trying to pretend everything is fine picturing all the ass licking fortune hunters and other bums as my friends.

"No!" I say almost out loud. The image pops like a balloon hitting a sharp needle. I've learned my lessons. So I start to think of finding a real love. Maybe I could find my way to happiness? Maybe I could wish to find the one I could share everything in life with. The whole life together with you, my love. I sigh. I don't know which kind of person I wish for. So, I decide to wish for just the one without defining anything specific about her. Maybe stars would know who is the one for me. This must be better and more profound wish than money.

My wishes sound so selfish. First all I can think of is money. Second, me becoming happy. I start to shame my selfishness which undoubtly is in everyone of us. Or at least in most of us on this globe. Maybe I could make my self happier and clear my guilty conscience wishing better life for everybody. What kind of wish could it be then? Or is it somehow wrong to hope better life for everybody just because it won't make me feeling guilty?

Now I know! I wish for a world peace. Yeah! That's it! The world peace and food and drink for everybody. And totally selflessly and sincerely. In other words, all the basic needs for every living creature on this globe. And maybe I could make a tiny addition in my wish. Or actually a reduction. I could, a grin on my face, wish also all the way too rich people to lose some money. Like a little slap on them. Hoping they find their real happiness this way.

Yes, this is my wish. So, I look at the stars again. But where did the shooting star go? I was thinking my wish too long and now it's too late. I should've think this through earlier before seeing any stars. "Fuck!" I whisper quietly in the night. I kick off the chair and walk away silently.


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