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Spa vacation

We went to a spa for a first time together to spent some quality time. Me and her. Together like any young couple.

She was divine beautiful woman with her cute face and butt. And I could enjoy her divinity body in a tiny bikini. I enjoyed every minute.

After a short while we ended up into a small hot tub only two of us together. Around the tub there was a high fence full of ornamental plants. It meant that we were in a spot where no one else couldn't see us. This made us to a heady mood and play each other.

I held her in my arms and rolled her and danced her all around. She smiled happily and seemed to enjoy the moment. I would like the time to stop in this moment. My happiest moment of my life.

Finally, we stopped the dance and we ended up sitting and kissing. But like everything else it had its end. They started to close the spa. We had been there only for an hour. But we came late.

She stood up and took few steps forward heading away from the tub. I couldn't. She turned around because she didn't hear me to make any move.

Her face was full of amazement and questions. And finally she asked.
- Well?
- Well, wait just a moment
- What is it? The place is closing
I noticed small signs of irritation in her voice. But her voice had more a real astonishment.

She took a step further and stopped there.
- If I just go already?
- Don't just yet...am...
I may have blushed. At least, I felt some warmth in my face. I looked down to the water.

- What could it be so suddenly?
- Well, just come here quickly... please.
She stared right in to my eyes with her face full of amazement again. Then she made a small cluck sound almost silently. The kind of a sound that one makes when try to express some small dissappointment to something.

But she still took few steps ahead of me. And I whispered something into her ear. She started to smile immediately and pressed her hand against my swiming trunks.
- Oh, I see... She said gracefully smiling.
- Is it because of me? She asked. Eventhough, she surely knew the answer
- Well... yes... I muttered quietly a bit ashamed. Eventhough, her touch was something unbelievable exciting and gentle.


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