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This world?

The space is amazing. The nature beautiful in all its austerity. In this world I should produce more beauty destroyers?

Earth annual carrying capacity is exceeded every year earlier than the previous year. There's simply too many people. Some of them even reproduce themselves. In this world I should produce more consumers?

A newborn is completely innocent. Not a single evil action. Not even a thought about it in the short history of themself. There's no other way than incrising of the evilness. In this world I should produce more evilness?

Religions tells people to reproduce themselves. Some religions even tell to kill people from other religions. The religions are like a virus. They try to spread as far as possible. Of course, someone might have other opinions. So sooner or later there will be a war. In this world I should produce more soldiers?

Life in the earth has been born billions of years ago from the cold space when all the needed components were coincidentally in the same place. There wasn't a larger force that created the world. No larger force that would protect life. There's no bigger meaning for life. In this world I should produce more wanderers?

Am I alone with my questions? Yes, you have your family with you. Keep your globe! I'll vanish. For a beer for instance or something.


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