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Visit to the defecation

He stops and thinks secretly "It's really horrible feeling in my stomach". At this stage he steps calmly closer to the place where one can feel a relieve. Perhaps a stomach flu is coming or a desease of a land far away. Perhaps eaten something spoilt. Should not think of that now, not here. Now have to hurry. Can not step calmly anymore. The stomach makes threatening sounds like a boiling kettle full of hot water. Now has to be run fast!

Ah, the relieve! Content of the stomach has come out. Or most of it. But oh dear, a small lump has left hanging from a hair. The problem has been changed to another. Fortunately, to a smaller one. Shaking hard his bottom and his whole body trying to get rid of the lump. Finally, all the shaking can be stopped. The hair is clean again.

The small lump gets a small pit in a litter box. Yet a last swing of a paw and he can proudly walk away like nothing ever happend.


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