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Akob - My first robot

Figure 1. Akob - My first robot


Its name "Akob" is kind of a mix of my name and a word "robot" or "bot". Originally, I wanted build a robot for years. But I just didn't start doing it. I had several ideas and plans but they were just too big and laborious. So, one day I got mad to myself and decided to just build a robot as simple as possible.

Technical details

The robot consists of the following main parts:

I was a student back in the time. So I had to build it as cheap as possible. So that's why there's so many recycled parts. The wooden chassis is a small piece of an old shelf, wheels are old CDs and there's also few pieces of an old pen.

A software it has is called OBAS (=OBject Avoiding System) and it is written by me. What it does is simple. If the software "sees" a wall or any obstacle with robot's IR sensors it turns to other direction. "Seeing" here means that it receives with its IR receivers the same signal it sent via IR LED.


I have uploaded a video about the robot in action in YouTube. It can be seen below. Everytime it "sees" an obstacle it turns on a red LED next to the IR receiver which saw the obstacle.

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