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A Dice tower

Figure 1. The dice tower


Back in 2009, one of my friend bought couple of wooden pieces and two hinges very cheap. He brought them to me and told me that he's going to build a dice tower out of them. He asked if I have some tools he could borrow to do the job. Of course, I had as well as all the other materials needed. So long story short, I somehow ended up to build the dice tower for him. Fortunately, he paid me a little for my efforts.

Figure 2. The dice tower

After finishing the tower we used to play some board games using the tower. Those were fun times. That last about six months. Then we had at least a year break until we decided to finish what we were once started.

Years later I heard that he had moved to another country. Before that he had broken the tower and threw it away. I was amazed. I told him I would have gladly taken back what I've done with my bare hands.

After all I'm glad it was at least for sometime in a real use.

Materials used

Most of the tower is just wood and plywood. Other materials:

Building it

All the wooden materials are sawed with a jigsaw. Most of the working steps are just basic woodworking. Nothing special there, so I'm not going to go through them here.

However, all the crosses in windows are made out of iron wire. I have no idea how common this is but two piece of iron wire are just soldered together so that they basically keep the position by themselves.

The flagpole is made out of an old radio antenna and, excuse me, in my mind, it is really cool as a flagpole. The flag itself is just a piece of masking tape dyed to red with a crayon.

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