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Figure 1. LED Fan


Years back one of my college gave me a broken fan. So I decided to put some LEDs in it. Before my summer vacation in 2011 I had reserved everything ready. So one day during the summer vacation I built the LED fan.

Technical details

The LED fan consists of the following main parts:

I had noticed already earlier the fan is not that broken. The propeller rotates as it should. No problem there. The only broken thing was the upper part which was just a little loose. I thought myself it's not too bad. And started to build it.

First I quickly build the control board. That was the easy part. I initially thought the software would be really challenging. It turned out it was really easy and straight forward after all. The timing is done using just the microcontroller's own timer. It's fixed to a certain rotating speed. So if the propeller rotates faster or slower the text starts to rotate also.


I have uploaded a video about the LED fan in action in YouTube. It can be seen below.


The fan is not in use anymore. All I did with the fan was take a few videos and that's it.

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