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RGB LED Lights

Figure 1. RGB LED lights - red


Years back a burglar went into my neighbour's apartment. So, I immediately started to design a burglar alarm system of my own. The idea was simple: when in "away mode" any door open triggers the alarm. The alarm sound was supposed to be very loud and some red and blue lights were supposed to blink. Any other time these were a part of a decoration of my apartment's kitchen.

Later, I moved away from the apartment and took the LEDs with me to use somewhere else.

Figure 2. RGB LED lights - green

Technical details

The RGB LEDs consists of the following parts:

Figure 3. RGB LED lights - blue

There's not much to say about the technical details. The color of the LEDs can be changed manually with switches.

I originally ordered 25 RGB LEDs but for some reason I received 26 of them. Once soldered, I noticed that one of them was broken. So I thought that's a fair play. And I decided to leave it as it was since the broken one is only a green part of one LED. You can see it in the pictures.


For a couple of years I used these LEDs only for decoration purposes. Usually, I turned on the red during Christmas time. I never finished the burglar alarm. Nowadays, the LEDs are in totally different use.

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