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3D printer

Figure 1. Front view of 3D printer Velleman K8200


Originally, I thought it would be a lot easier build robots if I had a 3D printer. Sometime around spring 2014 I saw some 3D printer kit ad. It cost less than 1000 €. But I didn't buy it yet back then. Later, during October the same year I noticed the same 3D printer kit had declined few hundred euros. So, I finally decided to order it.

It took me 2 months to build it. Last day of 2014 I finally finished it. So far it had taken 21 working hours. So, not much.

Technical details

The 3D-printer is Velleman K8200 and it consists of the following main parts:

Some specifications:

Also, I have upgraded the 3D printer with a glass plate attached on the heated bed (not in the picture).

For creating 3D models I have used OpenSCAD.


You can see it in action printing my very first 3D model in the following video (I'm sorry about the music, I composed it myself :D).

Oh, by the way, the 3D model seen in the video can be downloaded from here.

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