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Camera for GuardBot

Figure 1. Camera and Raspi on their own


Earlier I had built a GuardBot. But it was just a chassis and it didn't fullfil its original demandings of a being a guardian of my home. So, to fullfil that demanding I installed a camera on it as a next step.

Figure 2. Camera and Raspi not yet installed to GuardBot

Technical details

The camera consist of the following parts:

In addition to the 3D parts you also need 3D parts from the GuardBot in order to build it. Unfortunately, there's no instructions to build it anywhere.

Figure 3. Camera and Raspi installed on top of GuardBot

Note: The PartyBot extension has been removed before the camera installation.


Here's a project video below (I'm sorry about the music, I composed it myself :D). At the end you can see the video footage from the camera itself.

As you might have noticed at this point the Raspberry Pi does not control any servos of the Guardbot. So the story goes on...

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