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Multipurpose light

Figure 1. Multipurpose light standing on its feet


My wife wanted a light for her keyboard so she could read the sheet music. Secondly, I had had this idea of a general light or a multipurpose light for some time. So, I thought why not combine these two. The idea was just simply an LED light that you can modify for any purpose you want. And it stands alone, could be attached to a wall or could even hang using its tail where ever needed.

Technical details

The light is mostly 3D printed. All the 3D printed parts consists of the following:

In addition to the 3D parts listed above also several various lengths of M3 screws and nuts, 2 AAA sized batteries, LEDs as many as wanted and some wire are needed in order to build it.


Here's a short video below showing just a few of countless purposes it could be used (I'm sorry about the music, I composed it myself :D).

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