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Automatic drainpipe cleaner

Figure 1. Automatic drainpipe cleaner - The water wheel


One rainy day in 2017 I was sitting in a terrace. I was bored. Couple of days earlier I was cleaned up our drainpipes.

There I was bored and thinking about how nasty job it is to clean up the drainpipes. I saw water coming out of the drainpipe and then I got an idea!

Figure 2. Automatic drainpipe cleaner - Driving roll

Technical details

Automatic drainpipe cleaner consists of the following four main parts:

Figure 3. Automatic drainpipe cleaner - Free roll

All the 3D models can be downloaded from here. In addition to the 3D printed parts I used the following parts:

Note: this is a prototype and not guaranteed to work.

Figure 4. Automatic drainpipe cleaner - The plow


If everything goes as planned I don't need to clean our drainpipes ever again. Time will show what happens. Winter time and snow might be really bad for this. But that remains to be seen...


There's a short video telling the story of the automatic drainpipe cleaner. Enjoy :)

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