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Blinds adjuster - Version 2

Figure 1. Blinds adjuster version 2 installed next to a window


Earlier I had build a first version of a blinds adjuster and a blinds adjuster desk control panel for them. Unfortunately, the first version wasn't good enough. So, I ended up to make an improved version of them.

Technical details

Version 2 is pretty much the same as the first version. All the 3D models for the blinds adjuster version 2 can be downloaded from here. If you want to build this in addition to the 3D printed parts you'll need:

There are the same design principles I kept in mind while making this as there were while making the first version:


There's a short video below telling a story how everything happened. Enjoy!

This seems to be way better version than the first version. So, all I need to do next is to print enough of these for the whole house. :D

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