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GuardBot improvements

Figure 1. GuardBot with a manual control board


Earlier I had built a GuardBot, a camera on top of it and two power supply holders for it.

But. My code had never moved a servo in it so far. So, I took a servo controller board from an earlier unfinished robot project and wrote a first test code to it to control the servos on the robot.

While testing it, I accidentally broke a front differential. So, I not only fixed it but I also improved its structure. While installing it to the robot, I noticed few more things that needed to be fixed too. The front axle was bent a little and a rear axle was not in a straight position. After a short investigation, I ended up to redesign some extra support parts for the front axle and a more stronger linkage parts for the rear axle.

Technical details

The GuardBot improvement parts consists of the following:

All the improved parts can be downloaded from here.


The GuardBot has been staring our vestibule ever since it got its camera. It just takes a picture and sends it to the server every now and then. At least, I feel a bit safer when I see that there's no one in our house while we are gone. Eventhough, I know that I can't do much about it if one day I see a burglar in the house. Yet.


There's a short video below telling basically the same story written above. Enjoy (I'm not sorry about the music on the video since this time it's not composed by me) :)

All I need to do next is to create an AI. It can not be that hard :D

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