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GuardBot new features

Figure 1. GuardBot doing what it's build for: Guard my house


Earlier I had built a GuardBot, a camera on top of it, two power supply holders, a sun visor and a wireloop for it. I had also written small piece of software that makes it follow a white line on a floor. And swear like a real finnish man.

This time I wrote some new features for it. A few for a real reason and most of them just for fun. They are listed below:

And a bonus feature:


There's a short video below showing how the new features work. Enjoy :)

I have to admit that there's more features written to it in addition to these mentioned in this page. But those are all related to its main job to guard my house and they are very boring. They are so boring that it's not worth making a video about them.

Oh by the way, the 3D picture taken by Howard can be seen here.

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